SODE Class descriptionS



HIP HOP:  “After school” dance has never been more fun! Join SODE School of Performing Arts for weekly Hip Hop lessons. Groove to the latest beats, learn cutting edge choreography and get a work all while having fun!

“CREATIVE” DANCE/THEATER /PERCUSSION: This class is custom made for Pre-K/Kindergarten students. It starts off with a creative movement class where students explore space and music. Teachers will incorporate fun filled choreography in their weekly classes. Then depending on the class , students will do voice work as well as play Theater Game and work on acting scenes. Percussion classes will incorporate a Drumming Circle to the class as well as percussion free play. Our “Creative” classes have Arts and Crafts and of course, a final performance at the end of the semester.

MUSICAL THEATER WORKSHOP:  Who doesn’t like show tunes? SODE School of Performing Arts will teach you how to act, sing and dance so you can become a true triple threat! Be prepared to belt our favorite songs out, learn Broadway dance combinations and work on short acting scenes from famous Musical Theater.

DANCING WITH THE STARS:  This class has a little bit of everything for everyone. You like Hip Hop? Jazz? Salsa? Bollywood? This class has it all. Come ready to learn something new each class because every week SODE School of Performing Arts will teach a different dance style! 

THE IMPROV CREW: Let your imagination sore in this mind opening Improvisation class. Students will work on their comedic timing by playing acting games, improv scenes and comedy exercises.  This class is perfect for kids who LOVE to do comedic acting work and it's also a great class for those shy thespians who need a little help coming out of their shells.

THE DRUMMING CIRCLE:  Finally a place to channel that tippy tapping energy. This class teaches students different hand drumming styles, improvisation and percussion. Drummers will learn to lead a drum circle, explore international music and even build homemade percussion to bring home.

CHEER TEAM:  SODE’s Cheer Team uses confidence building exercises, dance choreography and traditional CHEER LEADING technique to expose students to the exhilarating world of CHEER. The students will learn basic motion, jumps, and stunt technique. The instructor will incorporate all elements of cheer into a fun and innovative cheer routine. This is a great class for individuals interested in getting to know more about CHEER and also a perfect place for expert CHEERLEADERS to polish their skills.

FUNKY YOGA:  SODE’s Funky Yoga combines traditional Yoga with contemporary movement. Teachers will use music, props an games to guide young Yogis through a class of fun filled Yoga. Every class will include “creative meditation” and mindfulness.

CONTEMPORARY CHOIR: SODE's Contemporary Choir is the perfect place for kids of all ages to get involve in ensemble voice work and exposes young singers to a musical theater repertoire. Taught by experienced choir director and musical directors, Contemporary Choir introduces young singers to traditional ensemble work like hymns, folks songs and classical pieces and also combines contemporary music and musical theater to the program. Imagine Pitch Perfect meets choral work but for kids! Contemporary Choir also involves basic choreography, harmony work and performances.

YOUNG THESPIANS: This class offers everything a little actor needs in order to fine tune his acting skills. From character development work, scene work to Shakespeare, this class will prepare your Thespian for the stage!

KREATIVE KINDERS: This class is custom made for your kindergarten and has all the tools required to form well rounded young artists. Your young performer will start off with an upbeat dance warm up, followed by eclectic dance exercises, theater games and voice work.  Participants will also learn choreography from different dance genres which they will perform at the end of the session. As an added bonus, these triple threats will also get to create “theater inspired” arts and craft projects. (TK and Kinder)


Contemporary dance classes promote the joy of physical expression, and the relationship between sound, story and music to movement. SODE’s Contemporary-Ballet classes emphasize the creative and technical aspects of both art forms. This classes include warm-up exercises, across the floor combinations, dance games and workshops, storytelling workshops and choreography. The focus is on the artistic potential of dancers and their development and passion for the art form.


In our tots Hip Hop classes, children begin to learn self-discipline, work on listening skills, practice coordination skills, and discover left and right discrimination. Through dance warm ups and center work, young Hip Hoppers will learn to find their balance and connect patterned movement to music.  SODE’s Preschool Hip Hop uses dance games, props, story time and arts and craft to explore the funky world of Hip Hop.