She & Him, "Don't Look Back

She & Him, "Don't Look Back

Sophie Olson Choreography, featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

"She & Him's M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel are no strangers to cuteness, but their new video for the song "Don't Look Back" somehow manages to raise the bar. In the span of five minutes, this clip packs in sci-fi kitsch, retro typography, synchronized dancing, Zooey look-alike back-up singers and vintage Sixties everything. Oh, and holograms! Director Jeremy Konner and choreographer Sophie Olson deserve an enthusiastic round of applause for this one...


La Femme, a short dance film directed by Sophie Olson

Featuring music by Yael Meyers and has won the Award of Excellence at The Canadian International Film Festival in Vancouver BC. 

Sophie Olson was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence at the Canadian International Film Festival

Sophie Olson was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence at the Canadian International Film Festival

Previous news....

NOVEMBER: Sophie is excited to announce her upcoming choreography and performance project; Raiding the Rock Vault at the Mayan Theater Novemnr 29th 2012! Read more here!

AUGUST: SODE performs LE PEEP SHOW and Bicycle at the Mixmatch Dance Festival on August 25th and August 26th.

July: SODE School of Performing Arts perform Americ, We Love Ya! at the Eagle Rock July 4th Celebration! CHeck back mid-August for Fall Schedule.

JUNE: SODE performs LE PEEP SHOW at Dance Spot. Dancers; Robyn Cohen, Natalie Davis and Carole Biers.

MAY 2012: SODE performs STUCK at Ignite.

Thank you so much for support STUCK in San Diego:

Amanda Trevethan, Lexi Pacella, Laura Karlin, Jaren Rogers, Daniela Rogers, Rachelle Walsh, JJ, Jay Lender, P.Amoreno, Rob Blasko, Cailin Stadnyk, Dana Schlanger, Scott Augustine, Sommer Thome, Meagan Grimley, Van Stephenson, Catrina Auer, Dana Perri, Angele Dostie, Kristi and Steve Foss, Tamara Marshall, Steph Weber, Gen Lauzon, Nikki Providence, Glenn Sturgis, Josh Epstein, Melanie Marion, Ginette et Gilles Girard, Rick Biers, Carl Scholdborg, TYLER PHYSICAL-THERAPY, Core Conditioning, RnR Esthetics, Eliane McDonell, Raymond Lacroix, Lacie Petrynka,Denise Quenneville, Marni Chalkin, Marnie Bevridge, Nadia Cooper, Solange Paquette, Jason Cohen, Rachelle Walsch, Anik Lavigne, Breanna Musgrove, Eileen Dube, Derek Baynham, Joanna Peresie, Daniella Goodman, Seth Cover, Kevin Cardini, France Pelloni, Rene Parker, Lavern Bruffey, Vanessa, Grand-Ma Biers, Laurie Kempton, Sean Puglisi, Christopher Souser, Amy Ray, Sue Bell, Steph Mayer, YAEL, Amy Allison, Susan, Julien Menard, My Mom and Dad and my big bros Dominic Girard.

April 2012:

La Femme; a short dance film directed, co-produced/co-choreographed by Sophie Olson, has been accepted into the Independent Women Film Festival! AND...Sophie choreographs a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance!

March 2012:

-Sophie Olson Dance Explosion performing "STUCK" and "My First Love" at the Dance Spot on March 31st.

-S.O.D.E. is  sending "STUCK" to Ignite dance festival May 11th and 12th in San Diego. Thank you for your generous donations! click here

February 2012:

-New Girl Interactive Music Video is released. Link will be posted soon!

January 2012:

-Happy New Year! La femme: A short dance film get's into the VMS Short Film Channel.

December 2011:

-Sophie choreographes New Girl Interactive Music Video for FOX directed by the incredible Jay Lehrfeld and produced by the amazing Golareh Safarian. So grateful for her amazing dancers; Amy, Carole, SaraAnn, Kim, Kari Lee, Cheryl, April, Rob, Mike, Jodie, Jeremy, Jerome and Nathan!

October 2011:

Our very own Yael Meyer announces that she will be headlining at Lollapalooza Chile March 2012! We're so proud of her.

September 2011:

-Little Flame is performed once again but this time at the MixMatch Dance Festival. STUCK performed by incredible dancers Natalie and Carole premiers!

August 2011:

-Sophie choreograph's "Fire" for the incredible Yael Meyer

-Production for La femme: A short dance film begins

July 2011:

Rehearsals for La femme begins.

June 2011:

-Sophie dances and choreograph's Yael Meyer's "Used to Be" music video. Thank you to Robyn, Carole, Kari Lee and Gakenia for being so wonderful!

-Sophie is the guest host on Extra's Work Out Wednesday with Mario Lopez.

May 2011:

-Little Flame premiers at "Muse" for Hart Pulse Dance Company. 

April 2011:

-Filming of Little Flame with our little dance diva Ella!

March 2011:

-Sophie dances and choreograph's Scrublovers commercial!